About the contest:

COVIDucation.net is a free COVID-19 resource aimed at elementary students. It was developed last year by a team of high school and college volunteers from Sarasota county. 

We feel that it is more important now than ever, as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the US, that kids understand how to protect themselves and others. For that reason, we are putting out a call for elementary school teachers to help Arthur and his quest to keep kids healthy!

To enter the contest, have your students sign up for COVIDucation.net, and explore the website. There are knight heads hidden throughout the site, including this page! Have your students count up the number of heads, and submit that in the portal below!

From the participating classes, we will choose a few winning classes, depending on how accurate the count of knights is! These classes will win free mask holders (pictured above) for all of the students in that class!

Contest rules:

To enter the contest, you must be a teacher in the Sarasota County Area. You must submit the requested information through the portal below before February 19, 2021 to be eligible. 

Submission Portal:

Please submit your class’s photo through this form!