Win a free STEM Saturday class for your kid by joining our raffle!

All you need to do is use the website with your child and then fill out the below form to enter the raffle!

Please use this link to enter:

Be sure to input the same email you used on this site, as we will use it to check course completion. 

The raffle will close on June 11, after which we will contact the winner. The winner will receive a $200 voucher, which can be used towards any of our youth programs at the Fab Lab (summer camps, STEM saturdays, workshops, etc). Find out more about our youth programs at

Learn about the Sarasota County Schools current COVID-19 policies here.

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Parent Checklist

▢ Practice safe habits- including washing hands, avoiding contact with sick people and covering coughs/sneezes

▢ If your child is sick, do not let them attend school. Reach out to teachers about assignments that were covered in class.

▢ Keep track of school dismissal updates, and have a plan if school is dismissed. 

▢  Bring your own water bottles- water fountains will not be available for use.

▢ Masks are mandatory unless waived for health reasons.

▢ Consider giving your child their own hand sanitizer.

▢  Read FAQ’s that are constantly updated, available on the school district’s website.